Patricia susilo going through ups and downs in life


Patricia Susilo.Patricia Susilo’s  actual journey began when she entered the work-force as a cashier for her uncle’s small family business at 13 and then joining retail at 14. Then she took a step forward in the corporate world for companies like Automotive Holdings Group, Clough, and Price Water-house Coopersefore; meanwhile pursuing her university degree at Curtin University (Bentley) at the age of 17. She was awarded her certificate of Bachelors of Commerce, double major in Accounting and Finance in 2009.

Patricia Susilo commenced full time Corporate role at KPMG right away after college. However an inner passion urged her to walk on the path of entrepreneurship in the business world.

By that time, she realized that self-awareness and self-development goes hand-in-hand to realize any mission or vision that a person sets in life and also that business is one of the best avenues to propel this growth. This led to her…

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