Patricia Susilo : Everyone can learn how to shape their dreams

Dreams are meant to be fulfilled and it can be done only by the person who sees those dreams. Patricia Susilo is among those who had the will and courage to take up the challenge of getting her dream fulfilled.

Having been born in Jakarta to her Indonesian parents, Patricia Mirawati Susilo became an immigrant along with her parents after migrating to Australia when she was just 4 years old. Her parents, especially her father made her realize her dreams and passion, often motivating her with words like “diamonds are rare because they need to have gone through immense pressure” and “You are the architect of your own life”

These words had such deep impact on Patricia Susilo’s life that she got herself immersed in her passion for real estate business and entrepreneurship. It was the combined efforts of her father and her own hard-work that she was able to realize and implement upon making her dreams come true. Patricia Susilo is a successful business woman today who helps her brother in managing their real estate business joint-venture.


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